Midlands Dance Festival: Online Championship

Midlands Dance Festival has always been built on the ethos of “The ‘TEAM’ comes first!”

Our 5th Annual Festival was supposed to take place in October 2020; however, due to lockdown the event had to be cancelled.

But it’s going to take more than that to stop us! Here at Midlands Dance Festival we want to step up to the challenge and offer a ‘TEAM’ orientated event for students to take part in, even if those Teams are as small as 2, or as big as a socially-distant-8, the message is the same; it’s all about the ‘TEAM’!

The Corona virus pandemic has caused disruption and challenge for the dance and performing arts industry globally; and now (at the time of writing) we’re all slowly getting back on our feet and into the studios. We decided now is the perfect time to set a new challenge for dance schools – let’s switch the focus from case counts and start counting beats instead!

We hope this new online group competition will give students one more reason to get into the studio and to get dancing, training and keeping fit! Now more than ever young people need a fulfilling challenge and a positive distraction; so let’s do it! Register your Dance School for Midlands Dance Festival: Online Championship now!

  • Baby – Upper age limit: 6yrs

  • Juvenile – Upper age limit: 9yrs

  • Junior – Upper age limit: 12yrs

  • Inter – Upper age limit: 15yrs

  • Senior – 16yrs+ (no full-time professionals)

  • Classical

  • Modern

  • Tap

  • Street

  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary

  • Acrobatics

  • Duets (2 performers)

  • Trios (3 performer)

  • Quartets (4 performers)

  • Groups (max of 8 performers)

  • Duets – 2m 30s

  • Trios – 2m 30s

  • Quartets – 3m 00s

  • Groups – 6m 00s

  • Record your routines

  • Check the details

  • Register your Dance School

  • Upload your videos

  • Pay the entry fee

  • Await Adjudication

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