Troupe Championship!

Troupe competition for amateur dance schools and performing arts academies!

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MDF 2021

Competing Genres








Cabaret with Song

Age Groups


Upper age limit: 6yrs


Upper age limit: 10yrs


Upper age limit: 14yrs



Rules and Etiquette

  • Troupes entered into each section must bear a strong and obvious resemblance to the intended genre. Interpretation of a performance’s suitability for the chosen section rests solely with the festival adjudicator.
  • Only dance school staff, performers, and volunteers/dressers may access ‘back stage’ areas of the venue such as the changing areas and the performer’s corridor.
  • Each school must bring a suitable number of staff/volunteers.
  • Each dance school staff member and volunteer must sign in at reception and collect a backstage badge.
  • Spectators are not permitted backstage or in the changing area at any time.
  • PA Tested sound equipment will be provided for the day. Dance schools must supply their music in CD format.
  • It is the responsibility of each competing dance school to bring their own music in CD format, one CD per track.
  • CD’s must be clearly labeled with the name of the troupe and name of the dance school.
  • Props may be used for a troupe performance, any props being used must have had relevant information stated on the entry paperwork.
  • Age Groups:
    • Pre-Junior up to age 6
    • Junior up to age 10
    • Inter up to age 14
    • Senior age 15+
  • All troupes are entitled up-to 6 minutes maximum.
  • There are to be no choreographed bows after the performances.
  • Troupes which run over their allotted 6 minutes may be instructed to stop their performance by the sounding of a bell.
  • Performers are not permitted to restart their routine at any point.
  • The festival will have a seated audience in the drama hall. All spectators must have paid the entry fee and at all times wear the event wrist band that will be provided upon payment at the door; Any spectator who cannot provide their wrist bank may be asked to leave the auditorium and purchase a band.
  • Spectators are to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times; we encourage all members of the audience to applaud every performance regardless of their affiliation; they are all someone’s child who have been brave enough to step onto a stage and perform, we intend to have you treat them as such.
  • The separate male and female changing areas are sign posted and staff will direct performers upon entry on the day.
  • It is essential that all performers are changed as quickly as possible, and endeavour to keep the changing areas as clean and tidy.
  • Any belongings left in the changing areas must be kept neatly with consideration of space for others. All valuable items are left at the owner’s risk.
  • Midlands Dance Festival organisers and The Ripley Academy take no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged belongings.
  • Only Staff/Teachers/Helpers/Performers are to be in the changing areas at any given time.
  • Once changed, troupes will be instructed to move towards the performer’s corridor leading to the performer’s entrance to the hall. This will be a separate door to the public entrance.
  • Teachers, Performers and Parents are to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times. Midlands Dance Festival promotes good sportsmanship and appropriate etiquette from everybody at the festival.
  • Poor behaviour such as harsh or negative criticism, boasting or insulting, whether with intention to be heard or not, will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.
  • We’re privileged to be hosted by the Ripley Academy, their theatre and sports building was newly built in July 2018. All performers and visitors are expected to treat the building and all of it’s facilities with the upmost care and respect.
  • There is to be no filming or photography under any circumstances.
  • The Ripley Academy has ample car parking spaces and parking is free of charge, but we always advise guests to car share where possible to reduce congestion on the day.

The Ripley Academy,

Peasehill, Ripley,
Derbyshire, DE5 3JQ

  • Free on site parking

  • Ample changing space and showers

  • Safe/restricted backstage area

  • Close to supermarkets & restaurants

  • New venue constructed this year

  • Auditorium with tiered bench seating

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