Established in 2016, MDTC is an annual troupe-only competition for amature dance schools and performing arts academies.

2024’s event will be hosted at Landua Forte College in the centre of Derby, on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November. The primary day of the festival will be Sunday 10th November. Saturday 9th will be used if required, and the timetable for Saturday will start as late as possible, since many fellow dance schools run classes on Saturday mornings. We’ll avoid Saturday AM if possible, but if the event is popular, please be prepared for a Saturday morning at the competition.

If you are a Dance Teacher or Festival Team co-ordinator, please contact us on Facebook or email;

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Days until the event

Entries will close 1 month before this date

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Competing Genres

Troupes entered into each section must bear a strong and obvious resemblance to the intended genre



Tap Dance

Street Dance




Musical Theatre


Age Groups

Groups may carry one performer who is over age by less than 12 months


Baby…………6yrs and under

Junior…….10yrs and under

Inter………14yrs and under

Senior……….21yrs and under

Group Requirements

Each Troupe Performance must meet the following standards:

Minimum 4 performers

Age appropriate costumes

Maximum duration 6 minutes

No choreographed bows

Rules and Etiquette

Dance schools are responsible for providing the following ratio, 1 adult per 6 pupils in years 1-3 (approx age 5-7), 1 adult per 10-15 pupils in years 4-6 (approx age 7-11), 1 adult per 15-20 pupils in year 7 upwards (approx age 11-18)

Groups may not re-start their performance in the event or error. Re-starts are only permitted if the errors are a result of technical difficulties on the part of the festival.

Spectators are not permitted back stage or in the changing area; these are strictly authorised persons only. (performers, dance school staff and registered volunteers etc)

Performers are not to be left unsupervised at any time. All personal belongings are the responsibility of their owner.

Dance school staff and helpers are required to sign in and wear a visitor pass at all times.

The dance schools are liable for any damage to property or equipment caused by their performers.

Spectators may enter or leave the auditorium between performances, but must not enter or exit while music is playing, or during adjudication.

Spectators are required to pay an entry fee to access the auditorium and will be provided with a wrist band as proof of payment which must be worn at all times.

MDTC Is a ‘good sport attitude’ event. Despite its competitive nature, all attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a kind and respectful manner at all times towards all other attendees and staff.

Performers are welcome to wait in the auditorium free of charge, but may be asked to give up their seat in the event of the auditorium becoming full.

The auditorium will run on a one-way system to reduce traffic and minimise delays.

Dance schools are expected to keep their dressing area as clean and tidy as possible, report any spillages or damage immediately. Any team causing damage or excessive mess may be disqualified from the competition.

MDTC is ran largely by a group of volunteers, without these people the event would not be possible. All MDTC volunteers are to be treated with respect, and any requests a volunteer asks of you must be carried out. They are there for your safety and to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Strictly no unauthorised photography or video of any performances at any time. Audience members seen taking photo or video will be challenged on this and asked to prove any material has been deleted, and cleared from deleted cache.

Performers may use props, MDTC accepts no liability for any injury or damage as a result of use of props.

The sound booth is strictly off limits to all attendees unless access is granted by the event organiser.

Midlands Dance Troupe Championship is a competition for amature performers, performers who have completed full-time vocational dance training may not participate in this competition.

Performers are awarded a medal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, the school is also awarded a Rosette for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These are to keep. The winner of each section is also awarded a trophy which they retain for 10 months and may add an engraved plate to.

Any school failing to return a trophy, or returning a trophy in a damages state, will be liable for a replacement or repair fee upto the value of the trophy.

Champions Archive

In 2022 MDTC Introduced two new Champion Categories, here are the previous year’s Champions!


“Papa loves Mambo!”

– JLDance Academy


“Devil went down to Georgia”

– Harlequin School of Dance & Performing Arts



– JLDance Academy


“Moulin Rouge”

– JLDance Academy


“Devil went down to Georgia”

– Harlequin School of Dance & Performing Arts

Landau Forte College

Fox Street



  • Free parking

  • Ample changing area

  • Competitor-only backstage

  • Located in the heart of Derby

  • 200+ Seat Auditorium with tiered seating

  • Wheelchair access

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